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Meg Ryan states that she never wanted to be an actress

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According to the E News, the 56 years old America’s Sweetheart, Meg Ryan has revealed that she never wanted to be an actress. Her last piece of work was ’Ithaca’ in the year 2016. It was her directional debut as she wanted to distance herself from acting at that point of time. She said that she wanted to “figure out” life.

At her ’In Goop Health’ event, Gwyneth Paltrow was in a conversation with Ryan. She asked the actor whether she was fine with being called America’s sweetheart, a title that she earned in 1990’s. To this, Ryan replied, “For the most part, I had a lot of fun. I never wanted to be an actress. The whole idea of being a famous person... I felt like a witness to, I didn’t feel exactly in it, and I think that was a really good thing. I felt like a student of it in a way, or that I was watching it in an anthropological way.”

She added, “When you’re a famous person, there’s a certain degree of blankness that needs to happen so that people can project on you. Despite what you may think, people don’t really want to know all that much about you. They want to imagine the best or the worst. So when you’re caught in that, it really is interesting because you get reactions that have almost nothing to do with you and some that have everything to do with you...”.
Ryan states that she has been reactive rather than being proactive over a period of time.

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