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Man breaks into Rihanna's home and spends 12 hours there

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On May 9, Eduardo Leon, a 27-year-old man broke into Rihanna’s home and spent over twelve hours there. Rihanna was present at the time the incident took place. He has been charged with stalking, vandalism, resisting arrest, and first-degree residential burglary. He pleaded not guilty. Leon is from Fullerton, California and is to appear at the Foltz Criminal Justice Centre on May 21. If found guilty, he can face a maximum sentence of 6 years. 

He was discovered at her Hollywood home by Rihanna’s assistant. Luckily, at that time the pop queen was present in New York as she was hosting the Met Gala. He hopped Rihanna’s fence and spent the night at her home. 

The criminal complaint states that Leon damaged Rihanna’s home security system, which led to a damage of more than $400. The complaint also alleges that Leon harassed her and followed her for a period of six days and also  "made a credible threat with the intent that she be placed in reasonable fear for her safety."

This has been happening with a lot of celebrities recently. Mariah Carrey, Kendal Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Taylor Swift and many more celebrities have had stalkers stalk them and try to break in their houses. In many cases, a ton of jewelry has been stolen with an estimated value of two million dollars. 

Though all of these fans have a huge following, but stalking them and breaking into their homes is not at all acceptable. Just because they are popular and are an inspiration, it doesn’t mean that they don’t fear for their safety. Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen with any celebrity ever again and the police are able to keep these people safe. 

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