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Kubbra Sait talks about her role in Sacred Games

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Kubbra Sait played the role of a transgender woman named “Kukoo” in the Netflix series “Sacred Games”. Talking about her portrayal of the character, she said "The character made a passing reference in the book. But, once they saw how it was being played out, they wrote more scenes for me. Most of what we shot was retained. Showcasing Kukoo’s humanity was important. The writing is such that her anatomy is irrelevant. Her emotions stay with you, because heartbreak is universal. I had to make her endearing, not trashy. Transgender doesn’t need to imply loud."

In the series, there is a scene when Kubbra has to break down. Even though the final shot was a piece of art, it was possibly the most cumbersome scene she had to shoot. Talking about this, she said "I didn’t know anyone then. I remember, Nawaz took part in one narration with me, and quipped, ’Kahan se utha laye ho iss pagal ko’. Anurag was jumping around on set that day and he randomly walked up to me and asked, ’What’s your biggest heartbreak?’" The answer to this question was a lover for whom she switched cities once and came to Mumbai. This answered Kashyap’s question. "He disappeared on me when I came here. I called, emailed and messaged him, but he didn’t respond. When I met him two years after that, I sobbed in his car. I remember every detail of that moment."

When they finally shot the scene, Kashyap told her ’Remember the time when the love of your life left?’. She continued, "Then, I couldn’t stop crying. We took seven takes, and I broke down each time. In fact, after the shot, I even hugged Nawaz and cried, as though he was going to leave me."

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