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Kubbra Sait opens up about doing bold scenes involving frontal nudity

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According to actress Kubbra Sait, her claim to fame was through her gritty portrayal of Cuckoo, a transgender in the Netflix show ’Sacred Games’. In a recent interview, Kubra opened up about the double standards which mainstream actresses have with nudity or using cuss words onscreen.

Talking about using cuss words on-screen, Kubbra said, “There were cuss words only in one screen and I use them all the time while driving.” She also talked about the societal conditioning which leads to actresses not being comfortable. “I was not born a test tube baby. I very much came from my mother’s womb and was raised in this country. I have the same conditioning which everyone else does but I have just allowed myself to experience life,” she said.

The actress expressed her views on nudity saying that “it is not a big deal”. She elaborated, “It is not larger than life to be comfortable in your skin. It is normal.” She further harped on her character in Sacred Games and said, “I am not bold, am normal. I am not experimental, am not crazy.”

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