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KESARI: The battle of Saragarhi, teaser out now.

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KESARI: Story of 21 brave Sikhs.


STARCAST: Akshay Kumar

          Parineeti Chopra

         Directed By: Anurag Singh.


Akshay Kumar has released teasers of the movie KESARI for thirty second each and all three of them are mind blowing. KESARI is based on the famous battle of SARAGARHI where 21 Sikh soldiers brave heartedly fought with 10000 Afghan Invaders of the Orakzai and Afridi tribe at Saragarhi, North Western Frontier Province. Even though they knew they are very few in number in front of 10000 afghans still they fought till their last breath. KESARI is amongst the three films which are being based on Saragarhi. Randeep Hooda is also working on the same concept, named Battle Of Saragarhi and also Ajay Devgan’s Sons Of Sardaar is based on same subject.

The teasers were released yesterday online and shows Akshay Kumar (Havildar Ishar Singh) holding Chakram in one hand and a Sword in one, ready to take on Afghans Invaders. Fans and social media are stunned and it will be going to be a massive hit of the year 2019. The other main appearance is by Parineeti Chopra as and its complete official trailer will be released on 21st February and movie is releasing on March 21st 2019.




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