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Karan Patel: The bigger the name of the culprit, the severe the punishment should be

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The current #MeToo campaign has taken the entertainment sector by storm. Women of all ages are coming out to share their stories of misconduct and harassment which occurred decades ago. Meanwhile, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor, Karan Patel is of the opinion that “The bigger the name of the culprit, the severe the punishment should be.”

Karan said, “It’s disgusting that a chain reaction had to be formed for them to speak out. It’s sad that women cannot even come out and complain about their ordeal. Why is that she needed to be accompanied by another victim to talk about it? Why weren’t people ready to listen? It’s ironical that this movement arrived during Navratri. My blood boils thinking that while these nine days we worship a female goddess, the rest of the day women are treated like s***. I think as a country, we are the biggest hypocrite.”

He also added, “Honestly, I haven’t worked outside Balaji to comment on this. As for us, the Balaji sets are the most secure and safe place for anyone. And I think it is so because it is run by two women (Shobha and Ekta Kapoor). They understand the need for a healthy working environment. Also, I think most actors in the TV industry have been working for so long that they know each other really well. So there is no scope of any out of conduct activities.”

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