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Kalki Koechlin says the main reason behind rape culture is victim shaming

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Actor Kalki Koechlin feels that one of the main reasons behind the rape culture is this victim shaming.

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“I was recently working on a play that is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ’The Rape of Lucrece’ by Paul Goodwin and as I was delving deeper into the character and learning about the social impact of the incident, I found it very similar to what is happening today. It is pretty ironic if you think of it. This incident, the rape of this sixth-century Roman noblewoman, Lucretia, that caused such a furore that it was instrumental in Rome’s transition from monarchy to a republic, had happened 500 years before Shakespeare actually wrote about it. And that is because it was a unique incident. It is not that rapes were uncommon in those days. But what had made this particular incident so noteworthy was it was one of those very rare cases where the woman spoke out and spoke up. Although she killed herself out of shame, she didn’t let that shame stop her from making the incident public and demanding justice. I think it’s probably one of the very first examples of the #MeToo movement, where the rapist was publicly named by the raped woman. I think what has changed is that today a Lucrece will probably not opt to commit suicide (although, sadly, even such incidents are not unheard of). Maybe she will have more support from the society. But women are still being raped and victim shaming hasn’t stopped either,” she wrote.

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