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Kalki Koechlin on the victims of #MeToo

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A huge wave of #MeToo has taken Bollywood by storm. As a result, a lot of famous directors and actors have had to face the fear of unemployment. Sadly, the number of victims come up, the more the number of threats increases. A huge effort is being made to rid these #MeToo stories as false claims. Talking about such incidents, Kalki Koelchin emphasized her belief that even though a lot of women are facing backlash for speaking up, it doesn’t mean that they should cower down and stay shush.

"We can’t let fear steer the way, dictate our lives. This movement has proved that we can’t sit here and fear what might or might not happen. It’s true that women who’ve been speaking are hugely threatened; their lives are under stress for calling out their abusers."

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Talking about her own sexual abuse as a child, she told Cosmopolitan "That was a battle I had to fight in the public eye-but, for me, it was much longer than what was seen in media. It’s about therapy, about speaking to family, finding ways to get over it. I’ve been working very closely with Insia Dariwala and the community of child sexual abuse. Ultimately, we all have difficult battles to fight. But if we don’t make the effort to fight them, the system will never change,”.

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