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I was left stranded in New York: Angad Bedi

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Neha Dhupia invited her husband Angad Bedi for a candid chat on her radio show No Filter Neha recently. He talked about his past relationships, his love for older women, cutting his hair despite being a Sikh, etc. Claiming to have dated around 75 women, he opened up about a woman who was 3.5 years elder to him. Unfortunately, she chose to leave him stranded on the streets of New York despite dating him.I was left stranded in New York: Angad Bedi

Talking about the incident, Angad said, “We were celebrating her 30th birthday. We went to a bar and she was partying with her friends. After a few drinks she got a bit aggressive and then she just wanted to go somewhere. But since I was really tired, I said ‘why don’t you go, I will just go back’. She just left me in the bar. I didn’t have any money, my mobile phone. It was in her bag. I didn’t even have the address where I was staying.”

Later on, he found a couple of his friends in a bar who helped him through the night. The next day, he went to her place and reconciled with her as he had booked tickets for Miami in advance. “For her birthday present, I had paid for a trip to Miami. I made up with her because I wanted to go to Miami.”

He added, “We fought there also. She said, ‘get out of the room’. I said I am more than happy to leave this room in Miami. Then I went partying with the other girls and it was so much fun. I should have come alone to Miami. There is no reason to carry your tiffin to a swanky restaurant.”
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