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I was in a relationship with an alcoholic man who hit me: Pooja Bhatt

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Not so soon after Nana-Tanushree controversy became a nationwide discussion, Pooja bhatt opened up about her abusive relationship.

The film-maker talked about the existing and prevalant hypocrisy in the industry. She said, “I’m appalled that people are asking why she is speaking up 10 years later. I’ve heard people call Nana a gentlemen, and I know there are those who call him a bully. The point is, Tanushree should not be silent and this matter must be investigated.” at India Today Conclave East 2018.
Pooja even brought up a few details about her past relationship as well. “I was in a relationship with an alcoholic, and he hit me. I spoke up and the industry asked me why I was washing dirty linen in public? But I’m just as vulnerable. Being Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter doesn’t make it hurt any less.”

Being thankful to those who "knocked her down", Pooja further stated, “I want to say thank you to the people who ravaged and belittled me. Thank you for stripping away my fairytales. It gave me strength to stand on my own feet and fight. I have been a victim and I am fighting my battle.”

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