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I think my kids didn't want me to go through the trouble of nine months: Kashmera Shah

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Kashmera Shah recently talked about her twin sons Rayaan and Krishaang, who turned one earlier this month. Born via surrogacy, they have brought her a different level of happiness altogether. Upon talking about the stigmas attached to surrogacy and adoption, she said “That’s due to uneducated minds and superstitious beliefs. I wish people were a little more open. Not everybody who opts for surrogacy is doing that to save their figure. People have genuine problems. There are girls who can’t conceive even at 23 or 24 and that’s because of stressful lifestyles they lead. And we, as actors, sleep at wrong times, eat wrong things and are constantly in the rat race, plus the option of getting married at 21 is not there [for us]. So, we get married when we can. And, I didn’t get married to just anyone. I wanted to select my own partner and have kids with him. So, it turned out to be late for me.”

She said that they had made her into a “complete woman” and even though she wasn’t able to have the joy of bringing them into the world, she would love to experience that feeling.

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