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I did not get the film because of my mom: Sanhita Joshi

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Everyone used to assume that Sanhita Joshi got her first film, Madhuri, directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi, because of her mother Swapna.

However, the actress disclosed that her mother had nothin to do with her being casted in any of the films. Sanhita said, “I did not get Madhuri because of my mom. She was rather unsure of me being a part of the project, because she is a thorough professional and doesn’t like mixing lives. However, it was Mohsin Akhtar (producer) who suggested my name. He had seen one of my short films (Now you Listen) and that’s how I became a part of this project.”
She further added, “She was very clear that she did not want her film to suffer because of me. She did not let her motherly affection take over her directorial capabilities and that’s why I respect and love her.”
“I was extremely nervous. I could not sleep the previous night and to add to my worries, I had a throat surgery just a week before the shoot began. So, everyone was told not to speak to me and vice versa. However, eventually we all got along and it was a fun ride,” said the actress while discussing about her state of mind duringteh first day of her shoot for the film Madhuri.

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She played the role of Sonali Kulkarni’s daughter in the film. She had an exciting chance to work with a professional actor like her. She said, “Sonali is very friendly and chilled-out on set. However, once the camera is on, she is a thorough professional. When she gets into character nothing can distract her. She gives her co-actor’s the creative freedom. At her level and expertise, she could very well suggest and advice, but she did not get into it. She trusts her co-actors.”

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