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I consider myself to be really lucky: Hina Khan

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Hina Khan has definitely made her mark in the industry. Be it because of her immaculate acting skills, or because of her strong demeanor in Bigg Boss. She has been climbing up the path of success at a steady pace and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Talking about all of the work that she’s done, she said “I consider myself really lucky, like I’ve been God’s [favoured] child. Whatever has happened to me, happened in a way that it turned out to be the best! I did Khatron Ke Khiladi, Bigg Boss and the only daily soap that I ever did, it was the first audition I gave in my life and I got selected and then I was a part of the show for eight years. So, sometimes, you get things without even asking for them.”

There is a notion that TV stars can’t do multiple things simultaneously. Hina has been a part of soaps, reality shows, and will hopefully appear on the big screen soon as well. Commenting on this, she said “That’s already happening and I’m proud of women doing so well. Earlier, the notion was such that TV actors are overexposed and that they can’t do films but now it’s not like that [anymore]. I think it all depends on time management and how much time a show needs from me. It’s all a mutual agreement.”

Hina has been going up the professional ladder, and we can surely expect her to leave us stupefied with her performance the next time she decides to appear on screen.

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