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Harvey Weinstein Finally Surrenders!

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Harvey Weinstein, a famous film producer has finally surrendered on the account of rape charges. Many female stars accused him of sexual misconduct and harassment which ultimately led to him falling down from the position of one the Hollywood’s most powerful. Months after these accusations, he finally surrendered himself to the authorities of the New York City police station.The co-founder of the Miramax film studio and Weinstein Co. was accused of sexual misconduct and rape. Some of the allegations were over a decade old and these were made by more than 70 women.

The Times stated that one of the allegations was made by an aspiring actress named Lucia Evans. She reported to The New Yorker about Harvey forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

Recently, the initiative ’#MeToo’ gained a lot of popularity amongst those who had been sexually assaulted. This movement included hundreds and thousands of women declaring being a victim of such misconduct by powerful men. These men were often officials of Government, businessmen, and huge stars and producers.

Weinsten arrived at the station house around 7:25 a.m. EDT (1125 GMT) carrying what occurred to be three thick books under his right arm. Scores of journalists kept on pushing against the barricades as the film producer was being escorted by the authorities.

The New York Times reported that Harvey has finally been expected to be charged for his heinous crimes. His crimes include the rape of one woman and the forcing of another woman to perform oral sex on him. Even though the victims have not been identified yet, Weinstein is still going to be charged for first-degree and third-degree rape.

A month long investigation was followed in the light of these charges and even involved the attorney’s office of the Manhattan district. In the presence of the immenent charges, his lawyer Benjamin Brafman and his spokesman Juda Engelmayer refused to comment on anything.


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