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Guy Pearce calls Kevin Spacey “Handsy”

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Guy Pearce called Kevin Spacey “Handsy” while chatting with Andrew Denton for the show “Interview”. Kevin Spacey is Pearce’s former L.A. Confidential co-star. While talking about the stars Pearce had worked with, the name of Kevin Spacey popped up and Andrew decided to probe a little more. "Yeah…Yeah…Tough one to talk about at the moment," Pearce said in a trailer for the interview. "Amazing actor, incredible actor. Slightly difficult time with Kevin. Yeah." Referring to the time they worked together he said "Yeah. Yeah. He’s a—he’s a handsy guy."
"Yeah. Thankfully I was 29 and not 14", he added.

Kevin Spacey has been famous for his work in Netlix’s House of Cards. A lot of accusations have come up when it comes to Spacey making advances on others. Eight House of Cards staffers have complained against Kevin Spacey regarding sexual misconduct.
Justin Dawes accused him of inviting him to watch porn under the false premise of watching the movie Chinatown. Spacey offered him a drink while playing pornography when Dawes was at a young age of 18.
Anthony Rapp accused him of trying to sexually harass him when the Star Trek: Discovery actor was 14. Spacey took to twitter to apologize where he also mentioned that he didn’t remember the encounter. He also decided to come out as gay in the same tweet. Netflix has decided to cut all ties with the actor after all these allegations.

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