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Gigi doesn't take comments from haters

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It is not easy being a super model, especially when everyone in the world is out to dissect your life and who you hang out with. Gigi Hadid has been one of the leading models in today’s date. Gigi recently patched up with her old boyfriend Zayn. An Instagram account decided to pour hate on Gigi by commenting on her relationship with Zayn. Their purpose was to “expose” the “fake” relationship between Gigi and Zayn. The account posts “confessions” sent in by people anonymously. The post read "Whatever zigi does for promo. Fact is that, Zayn is not going to follow gigi or ever going [to] post her picture on his Instagram again."

To this, Gigi responded "Seems like u guys tag me in a new post every day … pls stop.. it’s just negative, I really have no hard feelings towards you I just know what a beautiful world there is to go out and live in instead of trying to dissect a relationship between two people that you don’t even know and that you do not see 99% of," Hadid wrote in a comment.
"For someone who is virtually inactive on the app, I don’t need his follow- my eyes are tattooed to his chest," she continued, talking about her tattoo on Zayn’s body. "The energy you put into this does not serve you our your life in any way kids…. truly ’beating a dead horse.’ You guys can call it promo but I just post about my boyfriend like anyone else, whether I support z or he supports me is out of love and excitement for one another. There’s nothing to figure out all the time… give it a break."
"This is my last comment on this matter but I hope u know it’s not coming from a bad place," she said. "Just would love for you to find something else that inspires you in life…. x."

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