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Don't Need to Get Married to Have a Baby: Shama Sikander

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Shama Sikander who rose to fame thanks to the show Yeh Meri Life Hai in 2003 recently spoke about marriage and kids. She is engaged to James Milliron who is a businessman based in the US. When asked about marriage, she commented that she as well as her fiancé didn’t believe in the institution of marriage.

She said, "We keep trying to plan our wedding, but fail to decide on anything since both James and I are not staunch believers of the institution of marriage. Also, we already feel that we are married. We celebrate life like one big party, so our wedding will also be just another bash with our loved ones. I have a feeling that one day, we might go on a holiday and surprise everyone with a sudden wedding. I would love to do something like that since I don’t believe in inviting the entire world."
She also said that she would prefer to have a white wedding with selective friends and family as their guests. She said that she didn’t have any issue when it came to having a baby without marrying first.
"I don’t need to get married to have a baby. I will proudly call it my love child," said the actress while speaking to the daily.

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