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Director Vinod Kapri talks about his film Pihu

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The trailer of Pihu was highly applauded on social media. The film revolves around a two-year-old girl who gets trapped inside a house. Surprisingly, this movie is based on a true incident. Talking about the film, Vinod said "I was looking for a story when I got to know of this particular incident in which a 4-year old boy was trapped inside a house in some other circumstances. I thought it was an interesting concept and then everything else fell into place."Director Vinod Kapri talks about his film Pihu

Commenting on whether it was an instant yes from the producer or not, he said "For anyone who watches the film, they will be very moved by it. They will be completely enthralled by those 90 minutes. For me, it was a very instinctive reaction and I told Vinod that we would like to work together on this. Instantly, I picked up the phone on Ronnie as I knew he would react the same way too."

"It was important to see the film first and yes after it was pretty much what Siddharth said," added Ronnie.

"Films will go right and films will go wrong. We’ve all had films that have gone right and wrong. I don’t think there is any larger lesson to learn (from Thugs Of Hindostan failure). But you always try to learn from your own as well as from other’s failures," commented Siddharth on Thugs of Hindostan.
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