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Dhadak Saved Me: Janhvi Kapoor

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As only a month is left for Dhadak to hit the big screens, Janhvi is preparing herself to step into the world of Bollywood. She has definitely taken a set back with the demise of her mother Sridevi, but she hasn’t let that show in her work. The star kid has been regular to the sets and has been trying to give her best. When asked about whether she wanted to be an actress like her mom, she said "I don’t know if I always knew that I wanted to act but I was always inclined towards movies. It is something that I am very passionate about. Working in Dhadak feels like a dream come true. It is too good to be true."



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She added that coming from a family who has been a part of movies, it was something that grabbed her interest as well. "In my family, it is the only that we discuss. It’s the only thing we knew. Every time we sit at home and have a conversation with one another, it was always about films. Even when we go out to spend time together, we go out to watch a movie. Holidays were always about dad’s shooting schedules or mom’s shooting schedules. We have grown up in that environment,” she said.


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