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Celine Dion receives standing ovation after returning to stage, post surgery!

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Celine Dion returned to the stage of The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, two months after cancelling a whole series of the show. She had to cancel it as she had to undergo a minimally invasive surgery. According to People.com, the Grammy Award Winner addressed the audience as soon as she set her foot on the stage, to which she received a huge standing ovation.

Earlier, Dion announced on her facebook page that she has been dealing with an ear condition which is called Patulous Estachian tube. In late March, she said that she has been experiencing this order since 12-18 months. It even caused her ’hearing irregularities’ which even made it difficult for her to sing and hear properly.

To be precise, Dion said, “You know it’s been a while since we’ve done a show I had a little health issue - don’t we all. But I have to tell you, I’m extremely happy to be back. The stage is kind of my home away from home and I have to admit I can barely stand on my feet tonight as I am a little bit nervous. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve done a show," Dion admitted. "Every time you do a show you get nervous and I do have butterflies tonight”

To this she further added, “You wonder will the people still come, are they gonna say what if she cancels tonight, will they stay home, I don’t take anything for granted. You can see so many shows in Vegas and I’m so very grateful. Not everyone has the privilege to do what they love in life so thank you for the privilege.”

Soon after addressing the crowd she sang, ’I Surrender’ and then even gave a taste of her new song ’Ashes’ to the audience. This new soundtrack was even featured in the new ’Deadpool 2’.


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