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“Catch them young, watch them grow”: Kalki

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In her exclusive year-end essay, actor Kalki Koechlin implores us to stop making sex holy or dirty.

Kalki said, “We need to bring in certain changes in the way we are bringing up our children. We need to talk about sex and sexual violence. It can be a tricky thing. We can’t talk about sexual violence without talking about sexual pleasure and desire. We have to teach our kids the difference. We need to teach our children what is good touch and what is bad touch and we need to teach them what sexual violence is so that they can empower themselves and protect themselves.”

“We can’t keep ‘protecting’ our children from something that s/he will eventually have to come to terms with. If your child has to learn swimming one day, why protect him from water, instead start teaching him how to swim from an early stage. No point waiting till he is drowning!” she added.

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