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Casting couch is not just a man's fault: Andrea Jeremiah

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Awaiting the release of Vada Chennai, in which she is paired opposite Ameer, actress Andrea Jeremiah opened up about the #MeToo movement and situation of casting couch in Tamil cinema. Despite being busy attending events and interviews for promotional purposes, she managed to come up with the current situation of casting couch.

Andrea said that #MeToo is a great initiative when she was asked about her views on the same. She also exclaims that it could not have happened 5 to 10 years back and its a good thing that the world has changed so much since then. According to her people now have the power to voice their problems and share their stories with the world.
Addressing the issue of casting couch, the Vishwaroopam actress said, “Casting couch is not just a man’s fault. It is important to say this because we blame the other side always. If women are not willing to sleep for work, then they won’t ask for it. A woman should have the confidence and say ’I believe myself and I won’t sleep with anyone’... then casting couch will not exist.”

She added, “I work with big directors. I work with good actors. I act in female-centric films. And I do all this, without ever indulging in a casting couch experience. Because I believe in hard work, talent and blessing. It is possible. It may take more time, but it’s possible.”
The actress was last seen in Vishwaroopam 2 alongside Kamal Hassan.

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