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“*Boys need to catch up”: Kalki Koechlin*

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Actor Kalki Koechlin voices her opinions on issues like #MeToo movement and educating boys in her year-end essay.

Kalki wrote, “I really think that the #MeToo movement is changing a few things across the globe. People are finding the courage to open up about incidents of rape and molestation, and people are listening and believing their stories. Not only that, actions are being taken to make workplaces much more safer. I can’t say that we have come a long way, but at least we are taking a few resilient steps towards that. #MeToo has certainly set the wheels in motion.”
She said, “There is a line in the play where Shakespeare points out why aren’t men teaching their sons, why are only women teaching their daughters? I think that is still the main issue. We keep hearing that we need to educate the girl child. But when will we start educating the boys?”

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