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Avengers – Why everyone loves Tony Stark aka Iron Man

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As we have now arrived at Endgame, Avengers have come so far from where they started. From having ego problems to team-lead conflicts to finding what is right and what is not, they have all come to one single strand.

This post is not a spoiler. Either you have watched the Avengers End Game or not, you can connect your thoughts to this post.

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When Marvel first started the Avenger franchise, they had planned to take this league to where it is today but little they knew that it would be this huge.
The Avengers Endgame is already on the path to breaking all movie success records and it is the most satisfying thing to watch.

What’s more satisfying is the portrayal and character arc of Tony Stark- the first avenger.

Tony is probably the most loved and most sought after Avenger in the franchise from day one. Various people have various reasons to feel related to this Avenger and they are all right.

Tony Stark has that charm in his persona that can’t be ignored. But that’s the movie part, what is real that touches our heart is talked about below. Tell us in comments if we are wrong.

He is a “human” Superhero

Tony Stark stands in elite superhero squad and quite effectively pulls off his job, fights super-villains and beats the crap out of them, even beats Hulk but have you ever gave thought to this – He has no superpower. It is just a suit. Watch his superhero instincts in Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 3 when he has no suit still he does the job.

He is a true engineer

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