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An actress accuses Mollywood actor Alencier of getting into her bed

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Earlier, as a part of the #MeToo campaign, Malayalam actor Mukesh and composer Gopi Sundar were named as sexual offenders. The bandwagon has now been joined by the actor Alencier as well. On the account of anonymity, an actress disclosed that teh actor has behaved with her on lot of occassions.

While an anonymous actress shared her traumatic experience on facebook, using the platform provided by India Protests. The actress wrote, “Alencier, like a creep, got into the bed and came right behind me. Feeling a strange presence I woke up shocked. This man is lying so close to me and is asking "Are you sleeping?" I jumped up. But he caught me by hand and pulled me back saying "lie down for some more time.”
She also said that he came into her room with another actress and started talking about the importance of her body. He even insulted her for being weak. The actress said, “I was on my menstrual cycle and I was feeling tired and with the consent of the director, took a break and when to my room. So, I was resting in my room and heard this knock. I looked through the door hole and found Alencier there. Alencier was repeatedly knocking and kicking on the door, that finally, I opened the door, thinking I will jump out of the room.”

She also said that she would never sign another film with the actor Alencier again. “I did my 4th film and my first with Alencier. I am sure I’ll see it’s our last association, ever. The first incident happened on a lunch table. There were 3 of us. Myself, him and a co-actor. He described how a star, bigger than him, behaves to women around him as he kept ogling at my breasts. I got upset. But he advised me to be more social and asked me to see things more lightly. I didn’t respond to it. But I could feel it wasn’t safe to be around him,” the actress disclosed.

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