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Alok Nath gets crazy when he drinks: Deven Bhojani

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A lot of cases of misconduct and sexual harassment have been coming up against the actor Alok Nath. Believed to be the most sanskari actor, his actions have been proving his character to be otherwise. In an interview with Zoom Tv, Vinta Nanda’s Tara actor Deven Bhojani said "courageous and as it’s not easy for a woman to confess such things."

He said, "Vinta must be a really courageous woman to confess it because it’s not easy for a woman to come out openly and share such things. The way she’s described, it was so traumatic. I come from the same industry, I have great friends and relatives in the industry and you think about your own family members - how I would have reacted if something of this sort would have happened to my sister or mother. That was really traumatic. If it is right, laws should take its course and go further about it,". He also added, Ms Nanda’s Facebook post was "traumatic" and "she’s not doing it for any publicity of any sort, as she doesn’t need that."

He emphasized on the fact that he had often heard about Alok Nath’s misbehavior after drinking. "About Alok ji, I haven’t worked with him often. But yes, I have heard about it vaguely that he is a nice person during the day but after evening, when he drinks, he gets crazy. He abuses, he gets into fights and does all sorts of things that a normal Alok ji would never even think of. So this is the image, these are the stories I have heard. I don’t know how much truth lies in these stories," Deven Bhojani added.
It is a sad scenario that such cases are popping up day by day. So many people were suffering in silence, it is good that they have the courage to come out and tell the truth with the #metoo movement.

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