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Allu Arjun breaks silence on #MeToo

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The pre-release function of upcoming horror comedy Taxiwaala in Hyderabad was attended by the Telugu star, Allu Arjun on Sunday.The DJ star also briefly talked about #MeToo while collecting praise for his film. The actor stated, “Amid this #MeToo movement, my brother and I feel that more women should come into the industry.”

Allu Arjun stated that women are completely safe while working in the Telugu film industry. He said, “I’m telling you, among all industries, the Telugu film industry is the cleanest. You can ask female actors who are working here and they will vouch for this. Telugu cinema treats its women with maximum respect.”
“I enquired about Priyanka. I asked her whether she was a Telugu girl. I was told that she is a Marathi girl but grew up in Anantapur. I feel that any person who likes Telugu culture is one of us. She is a Telugu girl,” the actor added. He also praised the actress Priyanka Jawalkar, who is making her screen debut with Taxiwaala.
He wished he could invite more girls to the Telugu industry and said, “I invite each and every girl to come to our industry.”

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Allu Arjun generously praised Vijay Deverakonda by saying, ““Unlike me, Vijay did not have the support of big filmmakers to kick-start his career. He really worked hard to be where he is today. He is a self-made man. And no matter how successful I become, I can never claim that I was a self-made man.”
“There will be a group of people who won’t like your success. You should not worry about them. Know that I’m one of them who really enjoy watching you succeed,” the actor advised Vijay.
The movie, Taxiwala hit the screens on November 17.


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