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Akshara Hassan's ex-boyfriend on leaked pictures

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A recent report by Mumbai Mirror states that only Tanuj Virwani had Akshara Hassan’s personal photos as the both actors were in relationship. Infact, she shared some photos with him in 2016.
There were no comments from Tanuj’s side because of hsi busy schedule. However, his spokesperson stated that Tanuj and Akshara are still friends. She even stated that it was a mutual and healthy breakup. The spokesperson added that until two days ago, both of them were on talking terms. 

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She said, ““All I would like to say as Tanuj’s spokesperson is that we have been made aware of the situation. We know that Akshara had filed an FIR about the leak of certain images which were personal. We must first understand that Tanuj and Akshara were dating for a good number of years, but they are not together anymore. However, they are still very good friends.”
The spokesperson added, “They talk. Until day before yesterday, they exchanged friendly banter. They have definitely been in touch. Luckily for us, we have those messages kept by Tanuj, which, if need be, we are willing to show. But, they are very friendly banter, just to prove that the break-up wasn’t an ugly one. They are still friends. If Akshara ever had anything of this sort in mind to accuse Tanuj, then I am sure she would not have been talking to him for so many months, almost years after the break-up.”

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