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Actor Vishal Krishna talks about his arrest

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Tamil actor-activist Vishal Krishna was arrested on 20th December for entering forcibly and breaking the lock of the Tamil Film Producers Council. The actor is the elected President of the TFPC. The disgruntled producers who locked him out accused him of financial irregularities. After a favorable ruling by the court, the freed actor remains unfazed.

On being asked if he was shocked, Vishal replied, “Very much so. I was shocked. I knew I had made many enemies…or rather I wouldn’t call them enemies, but people who are not on the same page as me…Ironically they slapped me with charges from the wrong section and arrested me.
To my good fortune, the honorable judge ordered my immediate release. It just strengthens my belief in our country’s judicial system, and also in my belief that the truth, which always hurts the untruthful, will always prevail.
Bullying tactics won’t work with me. When they tried to stop me I refused to listen to them. Who are they to try to stop me? I am an elected President of the TFPC. How can they prevent me from going into my own office?”

Talking about the experience of the incident, “Every incident good or bad is a learning experience. This incident has me stronger and wiser. I now realize that your enemies can go to any lengths. I remained calm and composed throughout the episode. It gave me a lot of reason to laugh.
They wanted me to sign papers to avoid arrest. I said if I’ve committed a crime I’d rather go to jail for it. Why would I go to jail for a crime I haven’t committed? And why should I sign a paper to not be arrested for ‘unlawful assembly’ when I am trying to enter my own office? Please arrest those who tried to stop me from entering my office.”

“We go on with what we were doing. We are planning a big event to honor Ilaiyaraja. We would rather focus on fruitful matters than waste time in kitchen politics. I am glad of the support I got from the entertainment industry,” the actor concluded.

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