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Aayush Sharma quits Twitter after being brutally trolled for talking about his new found stardom

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Ayush Sharma who is also Salman Khan’s protege and brother-in-law made his debut on the big screen with the film, Loveyatri opposite to the debutante Warina Hussain. Recently, he got brutally trolled by social media users for discussing about how he handles his new found stardom.

Ayush said, “Thank you .. best way to handle stardom is to not feel it. I’m just grateful to be here and grateful for the love you all are giving me,” after an interaction with a praising fan who asked him about how he handles his new found stardom.

Aayush Sharma quits Twitter

Within a span of few minutes, social media users lost their mind laughing about Ayush Sharma’s statement. They stated that the reason he couldn’t sense any stardom is because there is no stardom in the first place. There were a few fans who even thought that the actor would have been high on weed while answering to his fan’s question.

Ayush was not happy with all the interactions and decided to quit Twitter for good. He reasoned that he was outraged to see a girl getting ridiculed and humiliated for having an opinion. Ayush tweeted, “Recently I had an interactive session with everyone on Twitter. I happened to come across a tweet reply where a girl was ridiculed and humiliated for having an opinion about me. This is unacceptable and I am strongly against it.

I feel everybody is entitled to have their opinion and no fan, male or female should be disrespected for merely stating an opinion. Let’s be thoughtful before saying things on a public forum and not demean anyone. I am taking a stand on this one and have decided to hereby take a break from this platform. I’m asking all my dear friends to be pioneers of love & kindness always. Lots of Love, Aayush.”

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