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[Samsung Galaxy Note 9] Price, Full Specs, Features and Everything

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Samsung had introduced the new flagship Galaxy Note 9 under its Note series this year. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched in India with some new changes as compared to the first note. Samsung introduced its new flagship Galaxy Note 9 with a new S-pen that acts as a remote for a selfie. In a new note, the company also supported Dex, which lets you connect your phone to your computer. Samsung said during the launch of the phone that Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone that is designed especially for those who want everything in their phones. So let us know in the review: Is it really the perfect smartphone for all Galaxy Note 9?

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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This phone is available in 6 GB RAM variant. For storage, you get an option of 128 GB and 512 GB. The price of the Galaxy Note 9 ’s 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage Verint is Rs. 67,900 and 512 GB storage 84,900 variants with 8 GB RAM. For the review, we had found a variant with a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Out of which 109.8 GB of storage and 3.5 GB of RAM was empty in the phone. In the box with the phone, you get a back cover, headphones, adapter, USB Type-C cable, SIM card detector and a USB type-C connector like the OTG USB connector.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Firstly talk of phone design so the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is largely like the note 8 launched last year. Note 9 is slightly thinner than the previous phone. The dual rear camera on the phone’s back panel is set up which is horizontal. On the right side of the camera are the flashlight and the sensors beside it which can help you to check the heart rate. The camera is just below the fingerprint sensor that is a little bit smaller. This causes problems many a time. The hole for the S-pen on the right lower right of the phone, on its left side, is the Speaker grill, the USB type-C and the headphone jack of 3.5 mm. At the top of the phone, you can use a memory card with two SIM cards at a time in which the SIM card slot is given. The right of the phone and the power button and the left side and volume buttons are given.

Display of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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