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Samsung Galaxy J6+ Review - Design, Camera and Performance

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Samsung is attempting to regain its top spot in the Indian smartphone market with its Galaxy J series, which is quite popular. Samsung Galaxy J6+ is the phone in 15000 Rs segment. Let’s find out how good it holds.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ Design

The Galaxy J6+ has two cameras on its back. Samsung Galaxy J6+ features 18.9:5 display, which they call Infinity Display despite the sides of Samsung Galaxy J6+ aren’t bent and have a significant space above and beneath. The glass on the front and back is slippery and smudges show clearly.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ Features

Samsung is working in accordance with the market and it is quite reflective in 6 inches screen with 720x1480 resolution. It is brilliant and distinctive but does not use OLED displays.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor. The Snapdragon 425 (four ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1.4GHz and Adreno 308 GPU is not a big deal. Samsung Galaxy J6+ has (4GB + 64GB) of capacity.Samsung Galaxy J6+ Review

The operating system of Samsung Galaxy J6+ is Android 8.1 layered with Samsung Experience 9.5. The custom skin contains a great deal of customization including Samsung’s applications and gadgets. Samsung’s My Galaxy is noticeably very active and sends multiple notifications in a day for entertainment and news.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ has an Emotify feature in the keyboard, where you can make an avatar of your own and then you get the stickers of the same avatar. Concerning the Hinglish and popular Indian slang words, one can understand that it is made keeping the Indian market in mind.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ Performance

Samsung has tried to optimize the phone with its limited capacity of hardware but it does not result as expected in real life scenarios. Everything seems laggy and disappointing,

Even unlocking to home screen takes a couple of seconds, changing portrait screen to landscape and other daily tasks give serious heart attacks to the phone. The camera application makes delay in opening, either from the home screen or from the lock screen, which made it hard to take shots precipitously.

On the positive side, the screen is very good for watching videos under daylight and colours seem amusing.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ Camera performance

The 13-megapixel back camera, with a 5-megapixel depth sensor, does the click job. The application comes with Live Focus mode. It also has a Social Camera mode that directly lets you share the clicks online.

The shutter lags and during HDR mode, you will have to wait until it completes the processing for the last shot. In camera app of Samsung Galaxy J6+, you will get stickers, panorama mode, and a pro mode.

The light capturing is a struggle with Samsung Galaxy J6+ camera. During low light conditions such as evening time, the phone switches between various modes to capture the best shot but it only adds to the lag.

The close-ups are extremely worth appreciation, and the depth sensor delivers a good shot. Just keep the depth effect setting to medium to avoid the artificial appeal.

Samsung Galaxy J6+ Battery life

Samsung Galaxy J6+ works fine the whole day from morning to night during light usage. The charging is quite slow concerning the fast charging feature available in other phones.

Whether to buy a Samsung Galaxy J6+ or Not?

Samsung should now learn the market trend in terms of hardware capacity as well because the Samsung Galaxy J6+ falls flat at this criteria. Due to the brand name, the price is also too much to bargain for when you are getting the Nokia and Xiaomi with advanced performance and upgrades.

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