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Nokia 3.1 Plus review - Design, Camera and Performance

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HMD Global has been exceeding all expectations this year, and reviving Nokia brand with huge energy push in the market. While these Nokia phones probably not have most noteworthy features on paper contrasted with what Chinese phones are offering at similar costs, still the name Nokia matters for people. Rather than fantasizing the phones with cameras or ground-breaking processors, HMD Global is preferring the Nokia name and concentrating on quality, style, and usability of phones.

Nokia 3.1 Plus Design

Nokia 3.1 Plus is quite durable, framed in aluminium apart from the glass front and plastic tops at the base of the back. The sides are rounded and corners are bent, giving better aesthetics and gripping in the hand.

Nokia 3.1 plus Processor and Performance
The Nokia 3.1 Plus 3GB of RAM and 32GB variant is priced at Rs. 11,499. The Nokia 3.1 plus processor has eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores, speeding at up to 2GHz comforted with the most power-efficient 12nm process. Given to that, four cores are work for basic errands, while the rest of cores kick in when heavy task arises.

You won’t experience any issue in operating the stock Android UI which is the OS of all Nokia Phones right now. The basic tasks will not feel drowsy though you may find a few stammers when browsing and navigating through various windows and applications. The load time now and again may come a little longer than common.Nokia 3.1 Plus review

Nokia 3.1 Plus Display - Quality & Specifications

The big offering here is the 6-inch screen. The HD+ 720x1440-pixel probably won’t appear to be a great deal at this size, yet it is a rewarding feature. The screen is pleasant, and you won’t experience any difficulty glaring at phone outdoors. Hues and Contrast are the most dynamic, however, you would find this big screen delighting while exploring YouTube and other videos.

The single speaker of Nokia 3.1 plus is quite rich and powerful in sound highs and depth, however, it distorts at high volumes.

Nokia 3.1 plus battery life
The big body size of Nokia 3.1 plus gives space for a big battery. 3500mAh battery of Nokia 3.1 plus guarantees two-day battery life.

Nokia 3.1 plus Camera performance
The Nokia 3.1 plus is studded with 13-megapixel f/2.0 back camera coupled with a 5-megapixel f/2.4 depth sensor. The front camera comes with 8-megapixel f/2.2 aperture. The camera performance of Nokia 3.1 Plus is average. There is a live Bokeh mode that can adjust the depth in the picture. The manual mode comes with white equalization, focus and exposure control.

Whether Buy Nokia 3.1 plus or not?
The Nokia 3.1 Plus isn’t the most aggressive model in the market at this price slab. The sturdiness and elegance can’t be ignored but the world now demands much more than that. However, if you rely on the name and are happy with a smartphone that can does calls and play some videos here and there while freeing you from battery draining issues, this Nokia 3.1 plus is for you. Don’t expect high-end games and dense applications usage from this phone.

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