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Huawei Mate 20 vs OPPO R15 6GB RAM, triple camera works 8MP+40MP

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Huawei Mate 20 should be going to be the official of this fall, but it has already leaked onto AnTuTu. Obviously, someone reaching the device went on a popular benchmark on it and MET made miles ahead of the 20 flagship crop.

The Mate 10 was going to present the Kirin 970 chipset last year. The camera department is innovation keeping the most recent P20 pair 970 chipsets. Naturally, the next Kiri 980 will premiere on the next 20th. But thanks to this antivay score, we can get the idea of upcoming performance jumps.

Kirin 980 is rumored to use the Cortex-A75 high-performance processor core, bring a second-gen CPU, and a much more powerful GPU. The whole thing will be manufactured on the cutting edge 7 Nm process of TSMC, which should translate into a small footprint and better power efficiency.

We have been waiting for six months, but Mate 20 is already looking very promising. This new Leica must pack a triple camera, new chipset and an under display fingerprint sensor, so give us all worried colors.

The announcement of the Oppo R15 was shadowed by a massive media chart. A bond of ClickBack articles claiming this phone shows us how onePlus 6 looks, took a spotlight from the actual product announcement and focused entirely on something else. You will not see anyone from here, this review is about the latest fashion-centric smartphone pair coming out of the Chinese company - Oppo R15 and R15 Pro.

Oppo has worked hard to establish its latest smartphone only more than the handset. Professional designers hired to make colors, famous people working in R series, working firmly with big shiny concert, fashion brand partnership - Oppo, and anyone living in Asia told you that Oppo was just one More than the phone, the brand is becoming part of the popular culture.

In those two devices made of glass, the favorite long aspect ratio of the season is complete with a top-notch screen. Oppo is rolling back AMOLED panels and working with selfie-focused features to work on building selfie expert branding.

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