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Tips to stay healthy in the winter season

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Tips to stay healthy in the winter season

Winter season is almost knocking our doors and while it’s time to flaunt your wardrobe, it’s also the time for flu season. Now with COVID 19 rampaging across the globe, we need to be extra careful in keeping check of our health. From eating healthy to taking supplements, there are a hundred ways to keep yourself healthy in the winter season and we are going to talk about the easiest 5 ways to stay healthy in the winter season.

Control your carb intake

Winter season gives us major carbohydrate cravings and with serotonin being produced every time we consume carb, our brain sometimes makes it an absolute necessity to consume it over and over. In order to stay healthy, we need to keep a check on our dietary intake and a balanced diet is the best way to go about it since you don’t want to get winter weight once summer approaches.






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Increase fibre in your diet

Fibre is an integral part of our diet and it becomes al the more important in the winter season. In order to ensure that you remain healthy in the winter season, you need to make sure you are eating high fibre food. The options you have Strawberries, Avocado, Apples, Bananas, Carrot, Sprouts and Lentils.






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Plan your exercise

Winter season can make the best of us into a sloth and if you are susceptible to skipping workout during the winter season, you need to plan your exercise in advance. This would allow you to ensure that you regulate and manage your diet accordingly.






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Avoid alcohol to keep warmth

One of the biggest mistakes we all commit is consuming alcohol to keep ourselves warm. While it does give us a warm sensation, it also helps reduce body warmth, meaning we are more susceptible to the cold weather. Also, it dehydrates our body, which can be bad for your health in the winter season.

Stay hydrated

Just like cold deserts, the winter season can be deceiving too. While we don’t always feel thirsty like we do in the summer season, we sometimes skip on keeping ourselves hydrated. However, there is a simple trick you can do to make sure you remain hydrated and that trick is to drink water every half hour, not a glass but some sips.






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