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How to make a French Press Coffee at Home

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SHOP: https:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/collections\/french-press\n\nWe will walk you through the basic steps to creating the best French Press Coffee you have ever tasted. \n\nOur mission at FrenchPressCoffee.com is to deliver exceptional coffee experience, affordably priced to the homes of our customers so that each morning begins with pure pleasure. \n\nGEAR WE USE:\n- French Press Coffee Maker by Aerolatte - http:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/collections\/coffee-presses\/products\/french-press-coffee-maker-cafetiere-by-aerolatte\n- Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton - https:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/collections\/espresso-and-coffee-grinders\/products\/hario-skerton-ceramic-coffee-grinder\n- Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle - https:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/collections\/hot-water-kettles-for-coffee-and-tea\/products\/hario-v60-buono-gooseneck-coffee-drip-kettle\n- Red Rock Roasters Ethiopia Yirgacheffe gourmet coffee https:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/products\/red-rock-roasters-ethiopia-yirgacheffe-whole-bean-coffee\n\nSTEP by STEP GUIDE: \n\n1: Preheat the Coffee Press\n\nThe first step to brewing coffee with a French Press Coffee Maker is to preheat your carafe by pouring boiling hot water into it. This will warm the French Press and help your water temperature stay more consistent throughout the brewing process.\n\nRead full guide: http:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/blogs\/perfect-cup-of-coffee\/71380869-how-to-make-perfect-french-press-coffee-brew-guide-and-tips\n\nSHOP: \n* COFFEE GEAR - https:\/\/goo.gl\/tAqGzc\n\n* FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKERS, COFFEE PRESSES - https:\/\/goo.gl\/MfeJGc\n\n* STOVETOP ESPRESSO MAKERS, PERCOLATORS - https:\/\/goo.gl\/KKJkjJ\n\n* POUR-OVER COFFEE - https:\/\/goo.gl\/ghVVGQ\n\n* COFFEE GRINDERS - https:\/\/goo.gl\/BbygoX\n\n* COFFEE TUMBLERS & TRAVEL MUGS - https:\/\/goo.gl\/AHEJfF\n\n* MILK FROTHERS - https:\/\/goo.gl\/ubhBku\n\n* COFFEE KETTLES - https:\/\/goo.gl\/HDnU8J\n\n* COFFEE ACCESSORIES - https:\/\/goo.gl\/vLf0cx\n\n* BREW KITS & COFFEE GIFTS - https:\/\/goo.gl\/1hnQgw\n\n* COFFEE BEANS - https:\/\/goo.gl\/8nId1k\n\n* COFFEE CANDY, CHOCOLATE - https:\/\/goo.gl\/O6LDi5\n\nExceptional coffee experience, affordable price\nhttps:\/\/www.frenchpresscoffee.com\/

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