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We get sick, take medicine and become our regular self again. As kids whenever we fell ill our mothers had their remedies handy and we were back on our feet in no time. Less did we know that there would come a day when cold and fever would be incurable, let alone become a global emergency putting our lives and resources in jeopardy.

Who thought cold will be pandemic?

Who thought cold will be pandemic

The WHO on March 11, 2020 declared COVID-19 a pandemic. This global catastrophe is a virus originating from animals. Beginning in Wuhan city of China it has taken more than 4000 lives globally. An individual infected with corona displays symptoms like cold, cough, fever, shortness of breath and sore throat. This virus spreads fast and puts world population risk. Government and health agencies all across the world are on alert due to this respiratory infection. In India a total of 73 cases with the latest one being in Maharashtra, and casualty of one life in Karnataka has been reported.

What the government says?

What the government says

The central government has mandated the state governments to implement The Epidemic Disease Act within their territory. State of Haryana has already implemented the mandate. The authorities are also engaged in developing quarantine facilities in the country. There are many Indian nationals stuck in other countries waiting to be airlifted. Earlier this year Indian students in China were brought back. In the latest update 6000 Indians are stranded in Iran which is a highly affected area.

The External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has assured that these citizens will be rescues at the earliest. The rescue and habilitation of diagnosed individuals requires resources and as stated by the minister, we are equipped. On arrival the citizens will be assessed for the virus and if the diagnosis is positive they will be sent to quarantine facilities. The impact has been such that Holi festivities were also compromised across the country. It is not good news for an already slow economy which now must cater to sudden demands in healthcare as well.

Business suffers too!

Business suffers too

While corona is a global health hazard, it is also resulting in an economic slowdown; schools and colleges in Delhi have been closed till March 31, Sensex and Nifty witnessed a massive drop, international sport events like NBA have been put on hold and the air travel services have been disrupted. Air India has suspended its services in Rome, Milan and Seoul. The flight suspension to Rome will last till March 25 while for the other two countries it will last till March 28. Government has suspended visas from countries like Spain, Germany and France as well.

Myths – misinformation will harm you more!

Myths misinformation will harm you more

You might be watching videos or reading articles endlessly about how to prevent Corona from reaching you. Do not adhere to myths. As much as social media is a boon people fall easy prey to the false notions. Some accurate facts about the disease would be –

Home remedies can help you

Home remedies can help you

Eating orange, lime, garlic and many more can’t cure the virus. If it was so then scientists all over the globe won’t be picking their heads for same.

Corona will take your life

Corona will take your life

It is not necessary that if you are diagnosed with Corona you only have a few days left. There are people recovering well and, a man in Karnataka has recovered fully. People are being sent to quarantines to prevent the disease from escalating and it is not something to panic about.

Heat can beat it

Even this information is incorrect as taking a hot bath or living in a hot climate cannot kill the virus. You will only burn yourself and not the virus as it doesn’t stay alive for long on its own.

No Made in China!

There ae several memes and wrong details going around that parcels from China have poisonous air in them. It is our duty to inform you that COVID-19 is a virus which can’t stay alive on its own on any surface and needs a host (people) to start functioning.

Alcohol and chlorine to the rescue?

Spraying alcohol or chlorine will only make you smell bad. While they are disinfectants for non-living things, they are harmful for humans and ineffective on the virus that this already inside your body.

Wear masks at all times-

According to WHO if you are a healthy individual you need to wear a mask only if you are    taking care of someone with the illness.

Prevention – fighting the enemy

Till we find any medical remedies let us try at a personal level to prevent the infection. Here are some things which might help you-


Some tips which can be helpful involve you maintaining a good hygiene. If you wash your hands with soap and water, keep your surroundings clean and follow the same if you have any pets your efforts might be successful.

Masks- but not for everyone

Masks - but not for everyone

According to WHO, if you are uninfected you need to wear a mask only if you are taking care of a sick person or have a cold. One needs to take ample care in wearing a mask; ensuring that there is no space between your face and the mask, not to get it wet, removing it from behind your ears without touching your face, eyes or mouth and of course, washing your hands after use.

I’ll be at home!

Another way of escaping is regulating interaction with others. Major organizations like Twitter have provided their employees with work from home opportunities while Amazon and Google have also laid down similar guidelines in some regions.

Lastly, don’t get stressed if you fall ill, remain calm and follow what your doctor tells you to. Being worried will only harm our immunity and worsen your condition. Yes, corona is a scary word these days, but one must remain strong and build their immunity. While 73 cases have been reported in India, there are still patients who have recovered fully.Tags :

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