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Why you don't need a smartwatch

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Why you don't need a smartwatch

Smartwatches are the new smartphones of the decade. Just like last decade saw the rise of touch screen phones, this decade would be all about cramping that phone in a watch. Apple was a major player who developed this market and now smartwatch are a must-have gadget for each one of us. But as companies look to upgrade their watches every year like smartphones, the question arises, do we even need a smartwatch in 2020?

Will you use it for its features?

Smartwatches are marketed for their amazing features, cutting edge tech. But do you need them? Let’s take an example -- how often do you wish to track your sleep? How many times in a day do you think to call somebody via smartwatch? The answer would tell you that you don’t really need a smartwatch. Just like smart glasses meant to solve problems we didn’t have, smart watch aims to do the same.






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Do you really want to make a call via a watch?

While companies are trying their best to make their call quality supreme and launch new earphones and TWS earphones, the segment of smart watch totally defies those trend. But the question is, do you even wish to make a call via smartwatch? Yeah sure while you are driving, but then are they a better alternate than the systems inside car? The low sound levels on the watch make it hard to even talk in less crowd, let alone be making a call in public place.

Does it go with your detox?

Smart phones were meant to make our lives easier but they become the problems we need solution to. While they gave us the ability to gaze the world on a small screen, they also became the new addiction for many and we are not even talking of the downside of being too much in the social media world. So if you are trying to get rid of your excessive screen time, do you think adding another screen is the way to go.






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Another device to charge

Charging my devices has become my only purpose of life, it seems. From charging my phone, my earphones, my airbuds, my bluetooth speakers, I hardly have a charger left and enough time to charge one more device every other day or once in a week.

All in all, yes Smartwatches are in trend and they have everything you are looking for but you hardly need it and a good sophisticated analog watch beats these techs everyday.

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