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PUBG Lite A phenomenon for every Smartphone

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Anyone who uses the internet and is a little aware of his/ her surroundings knows about PUBG. The game that has taken the whole world on the storm, for its unique gameplay. PUBG was popular when it was released for XBOX/ Window PC but since the PUBG mobile version is launched, it has reached new heights of fascination. And recently, the PUBG Mobile lite is launched by TENCENT to capture the enthusiasts who have a less powerful device.

The world of gaming has taken a long leap with the arrival of PC games to Android. Still Android is far behind to pull this off due to limitations in RAM, storage and software support.

PUBG Lite is initially launched in the Philippines only. It is designed for entry-level and low-end smartphone users. With this version, the game invites all smartphone users to come online and indulge in the marathon experience of royale battlegrounds.

PUBG Lite Specs: What’s changed, What’s same

PUBG lite App Size - There is a huge difference in the size of the app in PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite. While the former comes with a gigantic size of 1.8 GB, this cute version is limited to 338 MB in app size.

PUBG lite Graphics - The graphics in PUBG lite are a bit controlled and subpar to support the 2 GB ram variant but its not that bad. Though you would find the enemy at a distance a bit pixelated, the general view is quite visible and playable.

PUBG lite Game Modes - The PUBG lite is a bit behind in Game mode options but its enough for beginners. Right now, the game offers a solo, duo/ squad match with a third person perspective but we hope TENCENT will fill in more details soon enough.

Smaller Maps - The maps are smaller, but they look the same with lush green cover and home structures. You would have fewer choices of weapons in comparison to PUBG Mobile but that’s okay for an entry-level version.

Fewer Players - Now you will have to fight with just 39 to get the chicken dinner. The PUBG Lite allows the entry of only 40 players in a single match. The average duration of PUBG lite game stretches to 10-12 minutes, cut into half, in comparison to PUBG Mobile that can extend to 30 minutes.

Final Call - It’s not made for those who have played PUBG Mobile as they would notice lack of many features but for the budget device users, PUBG lite is a treat. The game runs smoothly except some drop or lag occasionally. TENCENT has tried to keep the gameplay and overall view of the game just like PUBG Mobile while optimizing the app loading and compatibility with low-end devices. Let’s wait until they launch it for the whole world.

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