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Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) - Welcome to the new world of Assistants

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Amazon has launched the second generation of its popular Echo devices. The Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) comes with upgraded immersive sound experience and smarter assistance. Powered by Dolby premium speakers, detailing in 8-inch woofer with 0.8 tweeters, you will enjoy a better sound quality. The fabric coating with a LED ring around the speaker surely enhances its look and feel. Though the new Amazon Echo plus surely exceeds the previous version in terms of aesthetics and acoustics, can it be coined as a breakthrough upgrade? Let’s check.

Build and Design - The new Amazon Echo is smaller in height (5.8 inches) and less in weight (780g). The device is covered with fabric coating, with all the buttons on the top, surrounded by one LED ring. You can conveniently put the device on the shelf among other home decors in the main room.

Device Set-Up - Setup of the device in this version is quite fast, taking almost 10 seconds for Alexa app to discover the device on iPhone. Bluetooth connectivity is also quite good. The device takes almost 1-minute max. to reset.

Amazon Echo Plus Features - The ZigBee feature lets the device directly connected to all wifi enabled home equipment without the complications of pairing. The dedicated temperature sensor tells the exact temperature around you.
You can also pair the device with another Echo plus device to create a stereo effect. Order products online on Amazon prime, ask anything, request for a song or ola ride, it will do it all and guess what, it becomes better with time by learning, thanks to AI of Alexa.

Sound Experience and Response - The new device comes with enhanced microphone audibility. Studded with 7 microphones and noise cancellation, it will hear you from across rooms. It hears sound quite well and gives better and more exact responses. The music quality is rich and loud and you can easily feel the thump with no distortion at highs but there are times when you would find highs overshadowing lows.

Amazon Echo Plus - What’s Good, What’s Not

  • Pros
    The design is adorable
    Smart Home Hub creates auto setup between home devices and Alexa
    Improved Audio quality (better bass)
    Better voice recognition with improved noise cancellation
  • Cons
    Fabric shell not good in grip
    Still only plug-in feature (No battery)
    High frequencies cover lows sometime
    Not resistant to Water and Dust

Bottom Line - Though it is not a major upgrade to the previous version, it surely packs more worth than its predecessor. If you can spend some more bucks, then you can surely go for this smart home device to do things for you.

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