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Types of Suit every man must own

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Business Suit


This is a must-have suit for every man out there and this probably has to do with the fact that this type of suit has been worn by mankind for over 150 years now. However, the trend and the style has changed and that can be seen by comparing a suit from 1980 and 2020, however, Bussiness Suits have still stayed in style. If you are looking to create a long-lasting impression in your business deals or office meetings, get yourself a two-piece Bussiness suit. 

Trousers should be flat-fronted and plain finished, medium width, with a medium to high rise. Add in a lapel-free waistcoat, if required. Opt for a medium to heavyweight all-wool cloth in navy or charcoal; herringbone or a similar understated pattern can help add subtle interest.

The Summer Suit


Well, summer season in India can be pretty hot and the idea of wearing a suit in summer might sound absurd but this type of suit is specifically meant for that purpose. Made from light linen, a bright coloured Summer Suit is perfect for outdoor occasions, party and casual Summer clothing. Go for paler blues, greens, reds – especially if it’s more washed-out than vibrant. You can pair them with light trousers. 

Casual Dinner Suit


Well, this is a requirement for many men and even if you don’t see a need right now, it’s good to have a pair of Casual Dinner Suit. It can be worn for those fancy dinner party or date night where you want to look good and show off your dressing sense. James Bond for me is the biggest and best advocate of a classy Dinner Suit. 


The trousers should have pleats, a straight or very gently tapering leg, a narrow satin stripe down their outer seam and suspender buttons or side fasteners. You don’t wear a belt with a black tie.


The Chic Party Suit


One of the most important types of suits in your wardrobe, Party Suit is what separates Men from Boys. Now the biggest mistake we tend to make is to wear office suits to party, but here, you can have altogether different options to choose from. 

More likely to follow current trends than any other suit you own, right now you might go for a loose, double-breasted, low-breaking jacket, with similarly outsized tapering trousers, in a pastel shade of blue, pink or plum. Look for suits in sporty, technical cloths too (perhaps with some stretch for comfort).


The Casual Suit on Jeans

This one is for those who prefer to look formal all the time and the only clothing they wish to own is suits. But, hey, what’s the harm in having a suit that you can casually just put on with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. 

A darker colour such as navy or mid-grey will be most useful all year round: the suit can be worn over a merino wool polo shirt or cardigan in the winter. Both parts of the suit can, of course, be worn separately. Both parts also benefit from being machine washable and worn straight from the line – this isn’t the kind of garment to press.

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