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Designer Anita Dongre will Provide Masks to Fight Coronavirus

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Anita Dongre is all set to make further contributions to COVID-19 cause by making masks available. A firm believer in eco-friendly and animal-friendly products, she is a flag bearer of sustainable production. Anita is a believer in cruelty-free accessories and her work reflects that.

Anita will be producing two kinds of masks; one type is reusable and will be made available to the general population, whereas the other kind is for healthcare staff.

Looking into the cost-effectiveness, these cotton masks will be washable and sustainable. These masks will be made from the same cotton fabric which was brought for making clothes under the designer’s labels.

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Ever since lockdown measures came into place, we have been finding ways to contribute meaningfully to safety efforts amidst the current pandemic. These efforts have now been greenlit. Starting this week, 24 of our women employees from two of our community tailoring units in Charoti and Dhanevari have offered their services in creating protective face masks to meet the needs of the community at large. All social distancing norms and hygiene measures will be followed during this time. These community tailoring units are a part of Anita Dongre Foundation’s larger efforts to provide employment to rural communities, which will now be producing reusable cloth masks, and will also be producing special disposable masks for doctors, nurses and medical staff at the request of local hospitals in the area. We are all in this together. We shall overcome. #AnitaDongre #AnitaDongreFoundation #FaceMask #StayHome #StaySafe #WeReAllInThisTogether #StrongerTogether #WeShallOvercome

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Along with this, disposable masks for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel will be made. The local hospital in Palgadh requested Anita for same.

According to her Instagram post, 24 women from Charoti and Dhanevari will these masks. Charoti and Dhanevari are two out of five village centers opened along with the Government of Maharashtra.

These centers aim to create employment opportunities for women in rural areas and train them in the skill of garment making.

As per a report, they will be delivering 7000 masks a week for rural areas, hospitals, NGOs, and common people. Basic safety measures will be taken while making the masks as well as providing them.

Anita Dongre creates a fund to help vendors and self-employed people

Earlier the ace designer created Rs 1.5 crore fund to help small vendors, self-employed artisans, and partners who are most affected due to the pandemic.

A top tier fashion designer with whom everyone wants to work, Anita Dongre is the owner of multiple brands like AND, Global Desi, her label Anita Dongre and a recently introduced venture Pink City.

Dongre wanted to preserve the country’s fine craftsmanship and traditional knowledge, so she introduced an initiative called Grassroots. Grassroots is providing work to women in remote villages of India.

In a recent interview with Vogue, she mentioned that all her employees i.e., 2400 people are on a payroll and she has outsourced work to a seva in Gujarat as well.

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