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'The Nun' sets ticket windows on fire

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Despite getting unfavorable reviews from critics, The Nun is being eagerly lapped up by fans. The movie continued to maintain its momentum on the 6th day of its release. After earning Rs 28.50 crore in its opening weekend, the horror film has raked in Rs 3.50 crore on Wednesday.

The film has emerged as the biggest opener of the Conjuring Cinematic Universe and is showing no signs of slowing down.
The film traces the origin of Valak, the demonic presence that haunted the Hodgson family in The Conjuring 2. Directed by Corin Hardy, the film takes us back to 1952 when a young nun seemingly committed suicide by hanging herself in the Abbey of St Carta in Romania, Father Anthony Burke (Demian Bichir), and a young novitiate Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) are sent by the Vatican to investigate.

According to reports, ’The Nun’ is also reigning at the US box office and has earned $53.5 million in its opening weekend. With this, the film has already become a hit having recovered its budget of $22 million. The film is surely on a winning streak in the overseas market and has turned out to be the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film in as many as 19 countries.

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