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Stree enters the Rs 100cr club

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Stree has defied all box office predictions and entered the coveted Rs 100-crore club. The horror-comedy has earned Rs 101.43 crore so far and is also the ninth film to achieve this milestone this year.

Helmed by debutant director Amar Kaushik, ’Stree’ is a horror-comedy inspired by the "ridiculously true phenomenon" of Nale Ba. Vicky (Rajkummar Rao), a ladies’ tailor, does not believe in this humbug. He falls in "love at first eyesight" with the mysterious Shraddha Kapoor. But there is something off about her - she only visits the town during the days of the puja, never steps inside the temple, takes him to strange deserted places in the middle of the night and never reveals her name or phone number. A vengeful female spirit, Stree, roams the streets of Chanderi during the days of the puja, no man is safe. To ward her off, they paint the words "O stree, kal aana" outside each house. Legend has it that she will arrive, see the inscription, and leave.

The audience was bowled over by the outstanding performances and delightful blend of horror and humor in the film. In fact, the stupendous success of ’Stree’ prompted makers to announce a sequel.
In an interview, producer Dinesh Vijan confirmed that ’Stree 2’ is in the works. "The film’s last two shots actually set up the sequel. When you watch the movie, you will understand that we intentionally had an open ending. Stree 2 will start off from there and explain those shots. We have written it as a franchise, so there will be a sequel. We are happy that the confidence in the content has paid off," he said.

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