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Kapil Sharma's Show on low TRP ratings

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In just 2 weeks, will the show turn out to be another failure of the comedian? The TRP ratings might have sealed the fate of the comedian’s show. Despite the love Kapil Sharma generally gets from the audience, it seems as if it is a really bad time for Family Time with Kapil Sharma.
According to the reports of NDA, as many as 6 to 9 episodes have been cropped out due to the low TRP ratings of the show. It had been slating for 26 episodes otherwise. It might get off the air sooner than expected.
Producers and the Host have been in a disagreement about promotional strategies as they wanted the host to address the media before the premiere. However Kapil suggested them otherwise and wanted to do so after few episodes have been aired.
Kapil Sharma returned to the screens after a long break of 7 months. Family Time with Kapil Sharma premiered on 25th March 2018 on Sony Channel. Fans and audience soon took over the Twitter and suggested how ’disappointing’ the show was. They did not get a chance to laugh or connect with the comedian. Everyone had high expectations from the show.
The TRP ratings on BARC will not be including it in the top ten. Kapil Sharma is well familiar with the fluctuations in TRP, so he might be aware of his future by now.
His former co stars and stars are still planning on competing with the comedian with best wishes for him. Sunil Grover has been planning to launch ’De Dhana Dan Live’. Even after the fallout between the two comedians, Sunil said, “I pray for his good health and I hope he will continue doing his job. God willing, we will definitely work together.” The beef was caused due to a mid-air altercation between the two on a flight to Melbourne.

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