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Judgmental Hai Kya Box Office Collection Day 3: Kangana’s Movie Doing A Decent Job

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Judgmental Hai Kya featuring Kangana and Rajkummar opened to Rs 4 core at box-office collection on Friday.

Kangana Ranaut’s and Rajkummar Rao’s Judgmental Hai Kya released on Friday, 26th July to a decent box-office collection. The movie directed by Prakash Kovalmudi is a psychological thriller fused with dark comedy. Judgmental Hai Kya opened to a box-office collection of Rs 4.20 crore on Friday and Rs 7 crore on Saturday. The movie is expected to earn around Rs 8 crore on Sunday.

Kangana’s recent Bollywood movie performed a bit below par, considering her Manikarnika earned more than Judgmental Hai Kya on its opening days. Judgmental Hai Kya also clashed with Kirti Sanon’s Arjun Patiala, however, it looks like Judgmental Hai Kya has won the war.

From the looks of it, Judgmental Hai Kya is being favored by critics and audience both and the box-office collection for the movie is expected to increase. It would be interesting to see how the movie fares with no major upcoming release slated in the coming days.

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