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Han Solo Origin Falters at the Global Box Office

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Lucasfilm’s stand-alone Han Solo origin pic has been expected to top out at a range of $400 million. It might be Disney’s ’Star Wars’ first defeat as it might lose $50 million-plus.
Borrowing Han Solo’s line from the movie ’Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ : “This is not how the force awakens” we can be apt at summarizing the poor performance of the film. ’Solo’ has been performed poorly and had a lot of trouble with the box office collection. This film marks the first Disney and Lucasfilm production to lose money.
Barton Crockett, a Wall Street analyst was pretty clear when he said that this movie will lose more than 50 million US Dollars. However, industry financing sources fixed the amount the movie might to lose to $80 million or higher.

’Solo’, directed by Rowan Howard had an original budget of $250 million which even included a major multimillion-dollar marketing spending. This movie just made a domestic total of $148.9 million and made $264.2 million globally in its second week. That was the time where it lost its altitude.
Until this time, Disney and Lucasfilm have always appeared as unstoppable. ’Force Awakens’ earned $2.068 billion globally and even ranked as No. 3 title of all time. Whereas, the ’Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ earned a sum total of $1.056 billion. Star Wars franchise has always kept the expectations sizable. Therefore, it is true that no one ever expected Solo to fly this low.
Infinity War was the first movie to cross $2 billion this summer as it had a gross global estimate of $1.966 billion. Incredibles 2, a Pixar’s production has been expected to become one of the big movies this summer.


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