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'Gotham' receives a spike in ratings after its renewal decision

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The show, ’Gotham’ witnessed a significant spike in its ratings as its viewers rose to the occasion after the news of the renewal of the show. Earlier the future of the show hung in the balance till the fans received the news which confirmed the fate of the show.

Gotham is going to get air for the 5th season. The latest episode of the show, ’A Dark Knight: One Bad Boy’ was watched by 2.196 million viewers. Therefore, in a demographic of 18-49, the show earned around 0.7 rating. This is not the best or the worst rating this show has ever received. Although, the show still focuses on getting better numbers.

The fourth season has seen a downfall so far. however, the season finale might save the show from being canceled. The fifth season is finally going to focus on the origin of the Dark Knight.

According to the reports by The TV Series Finale, The show has seen an increase of 16.67 percentage. The overall number of viewers jumped by 13 percent as well.
The show seems to compete with the shows like ’Supernatural’, ’Grey’s Anatomy’, and even ’The Big Bang Theory’.

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