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“When the audience is unhappy I get restless”: Rohit Shetty

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Rohit Shetty said that love and acceptance of the audience motivated him to give his best in every project.

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Rohit told reporters at the Jagran Cinema Summit, "I think of audience, especially my family audience, while writing or making or editing a film. I want them to enjoy my films. I am more happy when audience is happy. When they are laughing and cheering. It gives me high and happiness. If a person goes to watch a film, he puts 10 per cent of his earning in it. So I should see to it that they are entertained. When audience is not happy, I feel restless."

The director said whenever his film released, his team went to the theatres to gauge the reaction of the audience. He said, "For me personally, after my film releases we have a team that goes to check and understand the reaction of the audience. I feel there has to be a reality check. I have a team who have been working with me for years and there is a emotional bond that we share. I consider and think over the suggestions that they give."

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