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Virat Kholi, Ayushmann Khurrana , Sara Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon urge people to not believe in false forwards

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Lockdown is a tough time for everyone, people and the economy are suffering. While the country is fighting the deadly virus Virat Kohli, Ayushmann Khurrana, Sara Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon have come forward to spread awareness regarding the forwarded messages we receive on various social media groups. The video has been created in public interest by TikTok.

#MatKarForward- Don’t believe in rumors, they are harmful!

The four celebrities can be talking about the spread of something which is even more fatal than the coronavirus. The video shows them urging people to not forward messages which spread myths and misinformation. Such information only misleads the people and causes inconvenience.

Due to one such WhatsApp forward, thousands of people in Pune gathered at a railway station because a forward told them that government has allowed trains to function and they will be able to get back home. Just imagine the amount of inconvenience people, families and authorities must have faced and their hope must have been shattered.

TikTok warns public against fake forwards

Virat, Sara, Ayushmann and Kriti can be seen sitting in a drawing room and talking about the fatality of these messages and news. They shot their individual pieces and the video has been put together well. Virat Kohli shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “All of you support us with such fervor when we play for the nation. But now the nation needs you, me , all of us to play for it. Will you do your bit?”
The video will telecast on DD and other TV channels as part of campaign by the government , who has also directed social media platforms to curb the spread of fake information.

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